Welcome! This is a meeting place for (mainly independent) Agile Coaches and Consultants, who help project groups transition to Scrum, XP and Lean, to know each other, discuss and share their knowledge and experiences; and learn from each other. By doing so we aim to raise coaching standards, become a well-regarded community of coaches; and provide software development organizations with rock-solid coaching references.

About us

The AgileCoach initiative is led by by Srinivas Chillara, India’s first independent Scrum Coach, and Hari Prakash, an Agile Coach with vast experience. They believe that free flow of knowledge results in a win-win for all stakeholders- coaches, project teams and organisations. This site is founded on integrity and trust, which are a necessary condition for raising coaching standards.

Our Approach:

We will endeavour to meet our objectives by:

  • Establishing a resource centre made up of case studies, individual blogposts and articles
  • Promoting an understanding of the importance of coaching as well as its limitations
  • Giving ethical concerns due regard
  • Sharing tips and experiences and keeping one another updated


The coaches/consultants listed here are generally well regarded by their peers. In the recent past quite a few people are declaring themselves as coaches, simply on strength of a list of certifications. Our community, is a filtered one, where coaches are valued because of their project experience (usually pre-coaching days) as well as knowledge and maturity, not based on certifications. Please feel free to get in touch with any of the listed coaches directly.

Join us

Whether you are a seasoned coach with substantial project experience, a recent coach with minimal or no experience, or not already a coach but have good project experience and want to become one of Sportwetten Archives » Seite 3 von 19 », we will be happy!

Please write to info@agilecoach.co.in

All we expect is your commitment to raising coaching standards.